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Benefits of Fresh Tea Not as Bitter as it tastes

Many people like to enjoy plain tea without the slightest sugar mixture. Despite having a bitter taste, but this drink has many health benefits. There are various types of tea that can be enjoyed, ranging from green tea, black tea, to oolong tea. Although all types of tea are delicious to drink in a sweet state, but consuming unsweetened tea is more recommended. Tea that is consumed with added sweeteners has more calorie content, so it makes you easy to experience tooth decay and being overweight. While plain tea can provide health benefits, without increasing the body's calorie intake. Various Benefits of Fresh Tea The following are the benefits that you can get from consuming plain tea: 1. Make the body relax Drinking plain tea can make the body more relaxed. This is inseparable from the benefits of the L-theanin content in tea in relaxing the body. Not only that, L-theanin also provides other benefits, such as relieving stress, improving mood, and improving brain functi
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Be Careful, How To Clean Baby's Ears Can Not Be Haphazard

Earwax that accumulates can make a baby feel uncomfortable. But before cleaning it, you need to know how to clean your baby's ears properly. Because, if done carelessly, can hurt the baby's ears. Ear wax or cerumen is a normal thing that is formed and has several benefits for your baby's ear. Earwax works to protect the ear from dust exposure, as well as to keep the ear dry and free from infection. But if the amount is excessive, earwax can accumulate, causing disruption in the hearing Little or make his ears feel clogged and uncomfortable. When to Clean Baby's Ears? Earwax does have an important function in maintaining the health of baby's ears. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that earwax can also cause problems if it has accumulated too much and hardened in the ear canal. Some of the problems that can arise from accumulation of earwax are: Hearing impaired Smelly ears There is a sensation of buzzing in the ears The ear feels sore or itchy Father and

Small Breasts Does Not Mean Small Amounts of Breast Milk

Many assume that small breasts can reduce the amount of breast milk. Mother does not need to worry, small breasts will not affect much or whether the amount of milk that comes out. Check out the explanation and how to increase milk production right. Prospective mothers who are pregnant for the first time may have thought about whether breast milk will quickly come out and flow profusely after delivery. For women with small breasts, concern may increase with the question whether the size of the breasts makes breast milk production less. Fortunately, this is not true. Breast milk and Small Breasts Small or large breast size has nothing to do with the amount of milk that comes out after the mother gives birth. Why? A woman's breast size is determined by genetic factors, body weight, and the amount of fat tissue in the breast. And this fat has nothing to do with the quantity of breast milk. The amount of milk produced will be determined by how many babies suckle. The more often